By  Faisal Magray For four months following June 2010, the Kashmir valley was torn by mass protests - locally called th...
 By  Faisal Magray

For four months following June 2010, the Kashmir valley was torn by mass protests - locally called the uprising or intifada -which were met with overwhelming force by Indian security forces. Curfews and closures were frequent, often shading into each other. Hundreds were killed and thousands injured. But there are also cases where mourners and even people engaged in daily activities have been indiscriminately fired upon.

Currently occupied by over 7,00,000 army, police and paramilitary personnel, the valley maintains the world’s highest concentration of soldiers, outnumbering all other conflict zones including Afghanistan, Burma and Iraq. Kashmir witnessed over a hundred twenty violent deaths during  summer unrest , known in some circles as the "second uprising" for freedom. In most cases, lethal force was applied against unarmed civilians — protesters, mourners, mere bystanders, or those who inadvertently got drawn into the cycle of protests. The pattern was similar in all parts of the valley, whether rural or urban. Instances were rife of the armed forces firing on unarmed assemblies or protests.

The official figure is that as many as 515 persons were injured between June and mid-october 2010; the actual numbers are likely to be many more. In the SMHS hospital records, the following categorization of injuries had been made: bullet injury; pellet injury, firearm injury, tear gas burn, trauma, scalp injury, beating injuries, near drowning, eye injury, and stone pelting injuries.

An Indian paramilitary trooper stands guard near a barbed wire fence during a curfew imposed in Srinagar, Kashmir

Masked Kashmiri protesters shout pro-freedom slogans during a demonstration in the heart of Srinagar city in Kashmir. The muslim-majority Kashmir valley has been rocked by uprising since a teenage student Tufail Mattoo was killed by a police tear-gas shell on June 11,2010.

Policemen hold stones in their hands during a protest in Srinagar, Kashmir. Hundreds of  people have been killed during Kashmir uprising as the security forces regularly opened fire to control angry separatist demonstrations triggered by each civilian death.

Indian policeman fires tear gas canister shots as protesters (seen in mirror) prepare to throw stones towards a line of  policemen during a protest in Srinagar, Kashmir. Security forces used live ammunition on rallies after being pelted with stones.

Policemen chasing protesters during a protest in Srinagar, Kashmir.